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Parce que la peau est un organe, nous devons en prendre soin par l'extérieur et par l'intérieur. À travers nos articles de blog, nous souhaitons vous faire découvrir des solutions naturelles en explorant un mode de vie plus sain. Vous trouverez ici nos conseils d', des astuces bien-être, des alternatives naturelles et des vérités…

Why you shouldn't wait until you have sensitive skin to take care of it

Does your skin react to all cosmetic products? Do you feel an unpleasant sensation when removing makeup? Does your skin turn red at the slightest change in temperature? You probably have sensitive skin... Like around 68% of the world's population. The skin on the face is most affected, but skin can also be sensitive on the hands, feet and scalp. However, we are not born with sensitive skin, it becomes so following exposure to sensitizing factors. So why do we systematically wait until we have sensitive skin to take care of it?

CBD, CBG, CBC, the new ingredients for cosmetics that do good

Hemp is a plant with multiple virtues, which you are undoubtedly familiar with; perhaps wrongly, for its psychotropic side, and perhaps rightly for all the benefits of this plant which does (you) good. CBD, CBG, CBC, THC… these anagrams are gradually settling into a less and less dark environment. It remains to understand them to see more clearly: here is a little spotlight even before these ingredients are in the spotlight!

What is a white label?

Have you noticed similarities several times between a face cream from a certain supermarket brand and that sold by your pharmacist? Or this superb wood saw purchased at CARROUFE which looks a lot like that of your neighbor Agathe who herself found it at BRICOLAMA? Strange... Well not so much, it's even very common, if not ordinary. It's definitely a white label. In this article, we will stay in the field of cosmetics: but white marks are everywhere!

Sex in cosmetics

Beard oil, cream for the gentleman, serum for the lady... all these terms speak to you, don't they ? What if the composition of a cosmetic product actually didn't differ as much as the marketing would have you believe?

Water in cosmetics

Do you pay attention to the labels of the cosmetic products you use? There is a high probability that the first ingredient on the list is “AQUA”; more simply: water. An essential ingredient in the cosmetic sector, but is it just as important for your skin? Why is water the first ingredient? What is it for ? And above all, does it have any properties for the skin?

A vegan cosmetic product in plastic is not cruelty-free

In the European Union, cosmetic testing on animals is prohibited by law. European regulation. So when we think of a vegan cosmetic product, which as a reminder does not contain ingredients of animal origin, we think that this product is necessarily cruelty-free for animals. But is this really the case?