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Overcoming dry skin - Testimonial

If you are one of the veterans, you know the story of Biotanie, and you certainly know that I managed to get rid of my sensitive skin problems - notably my psoriasis - thanks to simple (but long ) “rehabits”.
Overcoming dry skin - Testimonial

1 • It all starts within

Cosmetics are mainly used to protect the skin from external aggressions; water alone does not penetrate the deep layers of the dermis. However, the skin is made up of 70% water, so the best way to keep it hydrated is to provide it with as much water as possible directly from the inside. You must drink ! This first step is the most important. 💦

I was convinced I was drinking enough water... wrongly. To find out otherwise, I decided to leave a bottle visible on the table. By the end of a day, I had barely drunk half. And that... I had been doing it for years without even feeling the slightest thirst. 😰

Imperative: the only way to ensure you drink enough is to take a bottle with you everywhere! 💧

2 • The mousse does not have a good face

The power of marketing has made you believe for years that if a product doesn't lather... it doesn't wash. 🥇👏

To clean, you need an oily phase to solubilize impurities, perspiration or even makeup. The principle of cleaning is to make an emulsion between the fatty substances and the surfactant; and a surfactant can be more or less gentle and does not necessarily foam. 😉

A few years ago, like many deceived or misinformed people, I used shower gels that were said to be "hypoallergenic" containing surfactants from petrochemicals. I had no idea that it “delipidated” the skin. The famous sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), which is very chemical and irritating, was used as a cleanser. 😱

When you have sensitive skin like me, favor superfatted soaps and avoid essential oils... often the cause of many ailments. (Dermocaustic toxicity, photosensitization, liver toxicity... we will come back to this in another article.)

3 • A moisturizer to be selected carefully

Conventional cosmetics, and even many natural cosmetics, can be filled with up to 80% water. If the obvious reason is the low production cost, we prefer to make you believe that it will hydrate your skin more. Damage.

Because in reality, when you apply your treatment, after just a few seconds, the water has evaporated. Your skin immediately dries out…
At best (or at worst), the silicone found in conventional cosmetics will feign a smooth, soft appearance by blocking your skin's pores and preventing it from breathing. Result: your skin is not really hydrated, and it becomes dependent on silicone. Clogged pores prevent the proper evacuation of sebum, and promote the appearance of comedones and blackheads. 🌋

You now understand why we created Hydrapaise cream, an emulsion based on cucumber juice. 🥒Priority to active ingredients and active ingredients allowing perfect hydration. We have banned alcohol, essential oils and endocrine disruptors for optimal tolerance. It's my daily treatment all year round, and many of you have adopted it! 🙌

4 • A little patience

We are all impatient and want instant results. Let's be clear: it doesn't exist anywhere other than falsely promising packaging. You will therefore have to be patient to reaccustom your skin and your body to more natural, healthier solutions.
The first results will be measured after a few months.

Personally, I achieved total satisfaction almost 2 years after correcting my bad habits. ✋📏

I'll let you start by drinking a large glass of water 💦 and come back in a few months to comment on this article to see your first results. 😊

Anthony of Biotania 🌿

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