Pourquoi utiliser des produits cosmétiques naturels et biologiques ?

Why use natural and organic cosmetic products?

Natural and organic cosmetic products are increasingly being put forward. A third of French people consume it every year. I'll explain to you why it's better to use them compared to conventional products !

“Conventional” cosmetic products are products based on ingredients that are often synthetic (therefore chemical) or derived from petrochemicals (petroleum derivatives) whose active ingredients are in low doses amid substances with questionable effects. We must then differentiate between natural cosmetic products and organic cosmetic products .

• A natural cosmetic product contains ingredients of natural origin without a minimum quantity of ingredients of natural origin to be able to use the name “natural” (and yeah…). There are therefore conventional cosmetic products on the market, containing synthetic ingredients and some ingredients of natural origin, sold as natural products.

• A natural AND organic cosmetic product must contain a minimum of ingredients of natural origin - often between 85 and 95% - according to the specifications of the labels (Ecocert, Natrue, Cosmebio, etc.).

It's good for the planet !

Conventional cosmetics are formulated using ingredients largely from petrochemicals, a very polluting industry. On the contrary, organic cosmetics contain ingredients from organic farming, that is to say grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs . You can even find cosmetics with French organic ingredients , which comply with strict French regulations which ensure optimal quality (at Biotanie for example!) .

Gone is the “ineffective” image of natural and organic cosmetics.

The plants and their extracts present in the formulations all have benefits for the skin: moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, illuminating, regenerating... Hydrosols, vegetable oils, juices and plant extracts are a real plus for the skin compared to conventional cosmetics. who uses synthetic products that have no benefit. These synthetic products are used by manufacturers because they are cheaper . They can have negative repercussions on consumers. Indeed, silicone-based products, for example, form a layer on the skin preventing it from breathing, blocking pores without being effective in depth despite the soft touch that can be felt upon application. In addition, there are still many conventional cosmetic products containing controversial ingredients such as endocrine disruptors ... (definitely read my article on the subject).

    It is good for the healt !

    Some organic labels like Ecocert prohibit controversial substances like parabens, silicones, PEGs, etc. Consuming organic cosmetics means taking care of your health by taking care of your skin !

    And the wallet in all this?

    We could imagine organic cosmetics as necessarily very expensive but there is something for all budgets. There are affordable basic hygiene and care cosmetic products. An organic and French cosmetic product, therefore of better quality and more respectful of the environment, will necessarily be a little more expensive than the others. Understanding the price of a product means understanding its composition (for this, read the article on Endocrine Disruptors).

    To summarize, organic is everything! For the planet, for health or for efficiency, we all have a reason to love organic !
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    Image: pixabay.com
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