Pourquoi acheter français ?

Why buy French?

More and more, “Made in France” is everywhere among the greatest advantages for selling a product. For many of us, a product labeled “Made in France” is a French product and buying it is even a civic act. The subject concerns everything you can buy on a daily basis: food, clothing, technological devices, home equipment, beauty products... absolutely everything! When does a product become “Made in France”? And above all, what does this change?

When does a product become “Made in France”?

Even if in France, certain “Made in France” products are more difficult to find than others, you can find “Made in France” in all areas. However - and this, as you suspected - everything is not French in these famous products .

Unfortunately, manufacturers like to have fun finding solutions to circumvent the legislation. A French company that manufactures in Asia will make more profits . But a French company that sells a product stamped “Made in France” will sell better … So, they found little tricks: manufacture in Asia then assemble the parts in France, affix a logo and repackage/package in France; add a little something that changes everything (or not).

How to find your way there?

The ideal French product would be designed and manufactured in France. It would also be manufactured in France with raw materials from French territory . And there… it’s immediately more complicated.

The hardest part will be knowing the origin of the raw materials used by the manufacturer, which is not always easy to verify... When this is not shown on the label, or on the product sheet, you must ask.
This can quickly become restrictive when you go shopping. Many will respond, “ I don’t have time to play with that .” However, taking the time to check the origin of what we buy would be essential for our future and that of our children.

What difference does it make to eat French?

❤️ FOR ME : you will know where the product comes from, and you will know its history! Buying French allows you to have maximum transparency and great traceability of the product. This way, you will have the opportunity to discover the exact origin of what you buy. Treating yourself to a French product also means treating yourself to know-how; French productions are full of gems. When you buy French, you buy quality.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 FOR OTHERS : it means promoting and preserving jobs in our country, by fighting against relocation and thus avoiding industrial desertification. It means participating in your country's economy and encouraging ethical manufacturing methods.

🌍 FOR THE ENVIRONMENT : a French product will never travel as many kilometers as a product manufactured on the other side of the world and then imported (again, if the raw materials also come from France); consuming French means less CO2 emissions and is therefore more ecological.


Unscrupulous manufacturers will not change on their own, as long as there is demand, they will provide the supply while always being satisfied with the minimum . To help responsible citizens in their purchasing decisions, legislation should be strengthened with regard to the display of “Made in France” notices; “French product”… for example with a rating system, as found on the labeling of organic products with the indication of the organic percentage.
In the meantime, it is up to us, as consumers, to change our way of consuming and return to a healthier mode of consumption. We are counting on you

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