Le double fond des BOX mensuelles

The double bottom of monthly BOXES

What you like about your box is the quantity of attractive new products that you discover every month and its super attractive price; perhaps it’s even its French, natural or organic side that appeals to you… but then, at the bottom of these pretty boxes, is there an ethical approach? How much does it really cost? Who are the real winners? Contacted and canvassed by several major brands of specialized boxes, we reveal to you what is hidden under the false bottom of these small boxes. As our favorite subject refers to cosmetics, we will focus on beauty boxes, but we imagine that the operation is the same for all.

The double bottom of the monthly boxes

The jungle of boxes?

There are hundreds of monthly box brands. To stand out in this competitive jungle, box companies have their sales and marketing tips to help you find your beauty tips. These companies are constantly forced to find new cosmetic brands to fill your boxes; so far, it's pretty cool, that's what you were looking for: something new .
But while you are looking for this new thing, companies are looking for a price: “How can we sell a box with high added value, while keeping an attractive price, without eating into our margins? » 🤔

There are as many different prices as there are boxes on the market. The first brand that contacted us is a box offered for less than 17 euros, one of the most profitable , but also one of the least ethical . This brand offered to feature in 60,000 boxes!
Thinking that this partnership could be the start of notoriety , recognition of our values ​​and our commitments, we were delighted. 😃
The euphoria faded when we were offered the modest sum of 0.60 euros per product… 😐 then the euphoria turned to disappointment when we were told that these were “finished products , no samples”. 😔
Yes, this brand dared to offer us 60 cents for our face cream … a quarter of the price of our wooden lids.

Why do they set their prices like this?

As a cosmetic brand, these companies do not contact us to buy products from us, we quote: they offer us visibility (aaah the power of marketing).
To put it simply, it is we who must offer products to fill their boxes, these companies “participate financially” to the tune of only a few cents… and it is they who directly recover the stake.
Realize: a box sold for €17 (€14 excluding tax) with 5 samples costs €3.50 at most

The more expensive a box is, the more ethical its approach is?

Here too, you will be disappointed. The answer is “ not necessarily ”. You can imagine that if certain companies have the opportunity to negotiate the same prices “ in exchange for visibility ”; why would they share their profits? Why would they go and offer fairer remuneration to cosmetics manufacturers when other large companies manage to outright charge for “seats” in their boxes in addition to demanding free products? 

Where to find THE box?

We are looking for her. 📦
We are currently studying all the partnership requests we have received. For the moment, only a few stand out ; we want to be distributed with the most honest and responsible of them.
Are you looking for an ethical monthly box to subscribe to? We will update this article as soon as we have selected our partners with the Biotanie requirement, one thing is certain: you will be able to open your boxes with your eyes closed! Let's stay connected

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