C'est quoi une "marque blanche" ?

What is a “white label”?

Have you noticed similarities several times between a cream from a certain supermarket brand and that sold by your pharmacist? Or this superb wood saw purchased at CARROUFE which looks a lot like that of your neighbor Agathe who herself found it at BRICOLAMA? Strange... Well not so much, it's even very common, if not ordinary! It's definitely a white label.

What is a white mark?

What is a white label?

The “ white label ” can be a product or a service; we will discuss the product here, in particular cosmetic, but the principle remains the same in both cases.

A white label is a product designed by a producer , which is then taken up and redistributed by brands, who market the product under their own identity.
For example: a laboratory develops a deodorant formula which it makes available in its catalog; several companies will obtain their supplies from this laboratory. These companies will then market this same deodorant under different brands and make it their own by changing… the label.

1 formula, 100 brands, 100 different prices.

What is the interest for brands?

 To diversify 💊🎷🏓

If a toothbrush brand decides to extend its product range by offering cosmetic products; but she is not an expert in manufacturing these… she can call on a White mark . This brand will be able to purchase "ready-made" formulas from a manufacturer's catalog and then offer its customers toothbrushes AND face creams.

To go faster 🚅🏃‍♀️

No need to develop a new formula for months or years; therefore, there is no need to send it for dermatological testing (or any other safety test depending on the product). Once the logo is created, the product can be marketed the next day since it already exists.

• To save 💶💶💶

You will have understood that “time is money”. White labeling saves a lot of money. When the product already exists, no research or development investment is necessary. This allows you to sell a product quickly , but above all at a lower cost . These savings made by companies generally allow them to spend in other, much more profitable areas such as marketing and advertising or “How can I make customers believe that my product is better?”

And Biotania then?

At Biotanie , we started thinking about our formulas in September 2018. The time to find our raw materials from our farmers, to formulate, to try, to reformulate... several months passed (and as many 'money). In April 2019, we launched a fundraising campaign which allowed us to raise €15,000 and thus be able to purchase our raw materials .

Since then, we have already been contacted several times by other brands to sell them our white label formulas! 😅 

Our formulas are unique , you will not find them elsewhere.
And if Biotanie is so unique, it’s because the community created it <3

Images: Biotania, Pixabay.
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