Comment le chanvre va-t-il sauver la planète ?

How will hemp save the planet?

Hemp here. Hemp over there. We talk about hemp as a revolution. Long neglected by marketing - constantly in search of new products that sell - hemp has nevertheless had several centuries of glory. Today, hemp and its virtues are coming back into fashion, but will they eventually disappear again in favor of other “magic ingredients” or will they save our planet?
Cannabis sativa leaf

Cannabis will change the world, or turn it around? 🤪

They are from the same family: cannabis sativa L.; but their differences have separated them in a distinct way: hemp, and cannabis.

Hemp is grown with the aim of obtaining raw materials such as fibers, cellulose, or in our case, seeds and their oil.

Cannabis is cultivated for its psychoactive effect; it contains THC, and it is this substance that is sought after and used for its recreational effect.

The differences therefore lie in their morphology and their composition, and therefore in their use.

Why is hemp coming back into “fashion”?

Because it is ecological 🌍
Without pesticides, without herbicides, without fungicides, in France: this is how hemp grows. In addition, its dense crops, with closely spaced plants, are appreciated by insects which protect themselves there. It is for this ecological interest that it is valued in France (in 2016: more than 16,500ha cultivated in France: leading European growers).

Because it can be eaten 🍽
Hemp seeds are nutritious: omegas, proteins and fiber are the three main nutrients! Moreover, we offer them to you on the Biotanie website 🤭

Because he dresses us 👕
The fibers can be extracted and made into clothing. Hemp turns out to be much more ecological than cotton , particularly in terms of the water requirement which is very high for cotton cultivation (20,000 liters of water for 1kg of cotton).

• Because he protects us 💚
It is also used as insulation, because it offers excellent thermal resistance and resists humidity; hemp wool is healthy and durable.

Because it hydrates us 🌱
By extracting the oil from hemp seeds, we obtain a very hydrating natural raw product, but not only that: improvement of skin elasticity, fight against dryness, reduction of skin redness... At Biotanie , we used this oil as a favorite product in our Hydrapaise range.

Brief. Hemp is experiencing a new boom, which we hope will be sustainable, since it responds to all of today's issues (ecological, human).
France is the leading European producer; China is the world's leading producer... In order for it to be completely ecological, it is therefore necessary to check its origin.
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