#BLACKFORGOOD : 71 entreprises engagées pour 28 associations

#BLACKFORGOOD: 71 companies committed to 28 associations

#BlackForGood #BlackPourleGood is gaining momentum. The movement initiated a few weeks ago now brings together 71 brands who have decided to give civic and ecological meaning to the act of purchasing, and particularly during the Black Friday period, from Friday November 29 to Monday December 2 .
Black for Good Biotania

What is #BlackForGood?

As a reminder, Black For Good is a movement which brings together competing brands or from different sectors of activity, French and international, in order to form a charitable initiative with the objective of bringing an ethical dimension to the act of purchasing . To do this, these brands, whether they decide to apply promotions or not, will donate a significant portion of their profits or a substantial donation to various associations during this consumption period.

Eco-responsible awareness, which is increasingly present among consumers, has today become essential in the positioning of consumer companies: Black for Good is in fact a way of empowering consumers and encouraging them to do good by allowing them to make a donation during the Black Friday period.

Why participate in Black For Good rather than boycotting Black Friday?

At the start of the project, the option of boycotting this commercial period was considered. However, it seemed more judicious to us to try a non-moralizing and accusatory approach towards consumers by allowing them to get involved in a civic cause .

In fact, a large number of people favoring Black Friday or other discount periods do so due to lack of means during the rest of the year. A real question of purchasing power is at stake. Not making consumers feel guilty seems to us to be more engaging. It would also be hypocritical for brands to claim that they do not want to grow and achieve turnover, but linking this economic reality to societal and ecological issues is possible from our point of view. Various charitable causes.

At the genesis of the project, the brands chose to participate by supporting an association. Each brand had the choice to make a donation to associations with which they already worked. In total, 28 associations will benefit from the Black For Good project . Reforestation, the fight against cancer, the fight against school bullying, help with girls' education, providing access to basic necessities in terms of feminine hygiene, animal protection, these are all causes which, thanks to the movement, will benefit from donations.

To go further following this operation, companies have the ambition to create momentum that will go beyond Black Friday 2019. The long-term vision is to generate enthusiasm among other companies and engage more of voluntary brands from one year to the next, so that this key moment of consumption becomes a moment of generosity, of societal commitment of brands and long-term support of the causes that are close to their hearts. ❤️

The brands that are committed

All Tiger, Balinea, BAM Karaoke Box Paris, BAYA, Biotanie, Biovive, Bivouak, Bonanza Paris, Brigitte, Brindilles, Chic des Plantes!, CODAGE Paris, Cuvée Privée, Cytolnat, Demain, Doux Good, Eponyme, Essential Parfums, Exertier, Experimental Group, Gallinée, Gina, Girafon Bleu, Herbarium, Ho Karan, Jho, Jimmy Fairly, Jolies Culottes, Jolimoi, La Belle Boucle, La Chambre, La Unicorne de Victorine, Le Bar à Boucle, Le Couvent Maison de Parfum, Le Petit Ballon, Les Petits Prödiges, LÕU.YETU, Luko, Made.com, Maison Standards, Medene, Same Cosmetics, Michel & Augustin, Mina Storm, Monsieur BARBIER, Moodz, Nailmatic, Nénés Paris, Niir, Noyoco, NUOO, Oh My Cream , Organa, Pampa, Patine Paris, Pauly Beds, Plenaire, Polaar, Re-Leaf, Recreation, Salut Beauté, Shaeri, Shopify France, Sillages Paris, Soin de Soi, The Bradery, The French Pharmacy, The Sleep Revolution, TIPTOE, Typology , Yoga Searcher.

Supported associations

Poh Kao, Eden Reforestation Projects, Marion La Main Tendue, Europa Donna, Think forward, Vendanges solidaires, Unicancer, SPA, Led by Her, All at school, Education for Sustainable Living, CEW France, Le Silence des Justes, Surfrider Foundation , Association SOL, A Tree For You, Les enfants du Mekong, Moda Fusion, Good planet, 1% pour la Planète, Colibris, Kelina, Resforest'Action, Toit à Moi, Race for Water, Gynecologie sans Frontières, Cavoequiva, Girls Excel , Women's Foundation, Tricyclery, Breast Cancer Let's talk about it!

Biotania, hand outstretched.

At Biotanie , we do our best every day for your health, animals and the environment. This is why we decided to support a completely different cause thanks to Black For Good : we will donate 50% of our profits to the association “ Marion, la main tende. ”, an association whose mission is to prevent and fight against violence and harassment in schools as well as cyber-violence. 🙏

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