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Dark circles, bags, how to fight?

Winter is approaching, it is often synonymous with a gray complexion, even more so when it is accentuated by dark circles and bags. Isn't it frustrating to be told that you look tired when... not at all. Just because you can't get rid of these suitcases that weigh down your eyes. We have identified your needs and found some remedies that can make you look younger than grandma.
How to fight dark circles and bags

I have dark circles and bags, why?

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face , it is also the most expressive area: it is in fact constantly used (even during certain sleep cycles). It is therefore the eye contour which shows the first signs of aging and signs of fatigue. 👁 

Where do dark circles come from?

As you can imagine, fatigue, stress, an unbalanced diet but also tobacco or even overconsumption of alcohol are the main causes.
But, there are also hereditary factors in the face of which we are not all equal (thanks Dad).

There are several types of dark circles:

blue or purplish dark circles are due to the thinness of the skin which reveals blood vessels containing pigments which can stagnate. It is the accumulation of these pigments which induces coloring.

brown dark circles are pigmented dark circles, they are caused by an overproduction of melanin. This phenomenon is accentuated among certain ethnic groups such as Mediterraneans or Asians.

hollow dark circles appear with age and are linked to a reduction in fat around the eyes.

And the pockets?

The bags are due to:
• poor blood circulation,
• poor lymphatic circulation (evacuation of toxins).

Once again, as you can imagine, a poor lifestyle will not help your beautiful eyes... and with age, blood circulation becomes more difficult. Moreover, you will notice that your bags are very marked when you wake up, precisely because the lying position slows down blood circulation. 😩

What to do ?

Do I need to advise you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep ? I imagine this is even part of your next resolutions? 😛

Which is perhaps less obvious, because the link is more difficult to make: remember to drink enough (water). Good hydration throughout the day helps facilitate lymphatic drainage. 💦

Because the bags are more marked when you wake up, you can stimulate circulation with the cold . ❄️ The aim being to decongest this area , for example apply for a few seconds under your eyes the back of a spoon previously left in the refrigerator… 🥄 (for the most courageous).

🥒 If you have time, apply two slices of fresh cucumber to the eyes (closed, of course) for its moisturizing and refreshing properties.

You may not have the morning energy to play Top Chef first thing in the morning. This is why our eye contour serum based on fresh cucumber , delicate mint and soothing hemp will save you time. In addition to protecting this fragile area, plant hyaluronic acid and phytosqualane will effectively moisturize the area around your eyes.

Tip : For more results, apply your treatment to the eye area, tapping gently with your fingertips to restart microcirculation. 🚫 🥊

Do you have a remedy for dark circles and puffiness? Share it with us!

Anthony of Biotania 🌿

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